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Field of Sounds

Field of Sounds - An outdoor multichannel sound experiment.


Field Of Sounds is an immersive outdoor audio experience that was created with Arthur Carabott. The audience is free to move throughout a large space across which a collection of compositions are projected over the course of an hour. Sixteen channels of sound surround and engulf the listeners, who experience a variety of audiospatial phenomena such as large audio sweeps, hidden pockets of sound and spatial wave mixing. The interesting localisation and distribution of sound allows each audience member to pursue a unique experience of the content, and the outdoor setting encourages an unexpected sense of inquisitiveness that may be otherwise inhibited.


Audio content is streamed to sixteen iPhones across a local WiFi network to which a centralised controller is also connected. A custom web app allows the controller to synchronise the playback from the devices. Each iPhone is linked to its own speaker, creating sixteen different synchronised channels with specific locations in space for composers to work with. The set up is powerful not only due to its immersive nature, but because of how easily it can be deployed in any setting and in particular, the outdoors. Further to this, the system is built in part by the audience, who are able to contribute to the space by connecting their own devices.

The most recent audio content for this work was created by Cosmo Sheldrake, Alex Reeve, Laura Armstrong, Panagiotis Tigas, Arthur Carabott, Nick Ryan, Wilbur Whitta and Bridey Addison-Child. Visual media by Alasdair Harvey.