Kai Lab

Work With Us

Work With Us

Kai Lab provide a number of technical consulting services for artists, designers, brands and engineers. If you are working on a project and require assistance with engineering or technical development, please contact the Lab.

Interaction design

For concepts or new ideas that involve human interaction.

  • Prototyping and R&D for new interactions

  • Bespoke sensing technology development

PCB design

For projects that contain an electrical element custom or otherwise.

  • Schematic and custom circuit board design

  • Control system design

  • Software development

  • Signal processing and sensing systems

Photophonics Receiver - DX17 2017 - NickRyan

Mechanical and 3D design

For projects that involve moving parts or tangible elements.

  • Sketching and prototyping

  • CAD

  • Rendering

  • Mechanical systems design

  • Fabrication

2 - Axis Laser Gimbal - Iris 2017 - Marshmallow Laser Feast

Integrated Electro-Mechanical Design

For electrical works with a well-defined physical form.

  • Integrated electrical and mechanical system design

  • Motor control

  • 3D fabrication

  • 3D printing

  • Housing/case design

Wireless Bio Sensing Unit - Thorne 2019 - Marshmallow Laser Feast