Kai Lab


Honami - Modelling the dynamics of wind.

Honami is named after the phenomenon of the wavelike patterns that are formed in a windblown field of grass. This modular kinetic sculpture creates a quiet sense of calm as it moves gently back and forth, and it forms part of a study into how patterns of movement from nature affect an indoor space. To extend this question, The Lab has also investigated how interactive nature-based works can alter indoor environments by rigging the sculpture with motion sensors. These enable passers-by to act as the “wind” by driving the sculpture into motion and affecting the wave pattern produced. Honami is flexibly constructed so that modules can be spaced at varying distances and mounted in a range of locations.



The sides of the sculpture are fitted with infrared motion sensors that respond to external movement up to a distance of three metres. Its twenty moving components are connected by a custom electronic system that models spring mechanics, enabling each unit to "push" its neighbour without making physical contact.