Kai Lab

Crystal Lights

crystal lights - A study of geometry, timbre and design.

Crystal Lights is a permanent display commissioned by Theatre Deli in Broadgate Circle, East London. This work stems from our research into generative acoustic design as illustrated in the video above and as discussed further on our R&D page. The installation is comprised of nine crystal-shaped lamp frames that are handmade from brass tubes. These hang over tables and throughout the bar area, creating a soft yellow light across the space. The hanging lights are complimented by sixteen responsive lamps made from ply and brass that wrap around the walls and windows.


Each of the sixteen responsive wall lamps is rigged with its own passive infrared motion sensor and illuminates in response to nearby movement. The system is designed so that the lamps can talk to one another to create a light gradient that builds towards points of motion in the space. The lamps communicate over a custom wired network and can also be switched into a mode which enables the user to change the brightness from a control panel.